Privacy Policy

Lexicon Legal is committed to respecting your privacy and has created this Privacy Policy (“Policy”) to tell you about how it collects, uses, distributes, and discloses your personal information gathered through our website (“Website”).

This Policy is to read together with our Terms of Use (“Terms”) and Disclaimer.

  • The provisions of this Policy apply to your, i.e. any user or visitor, use of the Website and any content that is supplied, accessed, or distributed through it.
  • This Policy shall be construed in accordance with the Information Technology Act of 2000 and the rules enacted thereunder as amended from time to time (“IT Act”). The meaning of words and expressions used in this Policy but not defined above will be determined by the IT Act
  • During the use of the Website we may collect the following types of information (“Personal Information”):

  1. Contact information, such as your name, job title, home address, business address, phone number, mobile phone number, fax number, and email address;
  2. Other business information, such as instructions given, payments made, requests, and projects, that is required to be handled in a project or client contractual relationship with Lexicon Legal or voluntarily provided by you;
  3. Information gathered from publicly available resources, integrity data bases, and credit agencies, if you have one;
  4. If legally needed for compliance purposes, information about relevant and serious litigation or other legal procedures brought against you or a third party related to you, as well as interactions with you that may be relevant for antitrust purposes;
  5. Health information, which we may request in connection with the registration for and provision of access to an event or seminar in order to identify and be aware of whatever special dietary needs or disabilities you may have. Your approval is  required for any use of such information. We will not be able to take appropriate steps if you do not supply this information.
  6. Information about your experience, qualifications, and intended Lexicon Legal job, which you may provide in connection with any Lexicon Legal application. Your permission is required for any usage of this material.
  7. Additional personal data about your preferences, regardless of whether they are relevant to the legal services we provide; and/or
  8. Information about your visits to our offices
  • Personal data concerning your membership in a professional or trade association or union, personal health data, details of food preferences when appropriate for events to which we invite you, and details of any criminal record you may have may be included from time to time
  • Your Personal Information will be kept as private as possible and will only be used to support your Lexicon Legal connection. Any sensitive personal information would be kept private in accordance with Indian regulation
  • Any comments, messages, blogs, scribbles, and other content posted, uploaded, transmitted, or communicated by users on the public portions of the Website becomes published content and is not subject to this Policy.
  • We may collect personal data about you in a number of circumstances, including

  1. When you or your organisation visits, inquires about, or otherwise interacts with the Website
  2. When you or your organisation attends a seminar or other Lexicon Legal event or signs up to receive personal data from us, including for training purposes; or
  3. When you or your company offers to give us with services
  • In some cases, we obtain personal data about you from a third-party source, such as personal data from your company, other businesses with which you do business, government agencies, credit reporting agencies, information or service providers, or publicly available sources.
  • As a general rule, you will freely furnish us with your personal information. If you opt not to consent or disclose personal data, there are usually no negative consequences.
  • Lexicon Legal does not sell or rent Personal Information. Only for the following may we use your Personal Information (“Permitted Purposes”):

  1. To determine if you are authorised to access and use the Website and the services offered via it. This Personal Information may also be utilised by Lexicon Legal to improve your Website experience.
  2. To manage and administer your or your organization’s business relationship with Lexicon Legal, including processing payments, accounting, auditing, billing and collection, and support services;
  3. To offer legal advice or other services or items as instructed or requested by you or your organisation, including online or legal technology services or solutions;
  4. To comply with our legal obligations (such as recordkeeping obligations), compliance screening or recording obligations (including obligations under antitrust laws, export laws, trade sanction and embargo laws, and for anti-money laundering, financial and credit check, fraud and crime prevention and detection purposes), which may include automated checks of your contact data or other information you provide about your identity against applicable sanctioned-party, which may include automated checks of your contact data or other information you provide about your identity against applicable sanctioned-party
  5. To safeguard the security of and manage access to our facilities, information technology and communication systems, online platforms, websites, and other systems, as well as to prevent and detect security threats, fraud, and other criminal or malicious acts;
  6. To enable vendors and service providers to provide various services subscribed to by you, including contact information verification, payment processing, customer service, and web hosting;
  • Where you have expressly given us your consent, we may process your Personal Information also for the following purposes:
  1. Keeping you up to date on the latest legal developments, announcements, and other information about Lexicon Legal services, products, and technologies (including client briefings, newsletters, and other information) as well as Lexicon Legal events and projects through the channels you have approved;
  2. Informing you of customer surveys, marketing campaigns, market analysis, sweepstakes, contests, or other promotional activities or events through the channels you have approved; or (for example, by way of newsletter tracking or website analytics).


  • Where legally required, we will only give you with marketing-related communication once you have opted in, and you will have the option to opt out at any time if you do not wish to receive additional marketing-related communication from us. Other than as indicated above, we will not use your Personal Information to make automated judgements about you or create profiles
  • We may process your personal data, depending on the Permitted Purpose we use your personal data for, on one or more of the following legal grounds:
  1. To comply with our legal obligations (e.g., to keep pension records or records for tax purposes); or
  2. For the purposes of our legitimate interests or the legitimate interests of any third party recipients who receive your personal data, provided that such interests are not overridden by your interests or fundamental rights.


  • In addition, the processing may be based on your consent where you have expressly given that to us.
  • We may share your Personal Information in the following circumstances
  1. Where necessary, we may share your Personal Information on a confidential basis with other Lexicon Legal businesses for the purposes of providing legal advice or other products or services, in addition to administrative, billing, and other commercial needs;
  2. If we collected your Personal Information while providing legal services to one of our clients, we may disclose it to that client, as well as others as permitted by law, for the purpose of delivering such services;
  3. We may share your contact information with third parties on a confidential basis in order to obtain feedback on the firm’s service delivery, to assist us measure our performance, and to enhance and market our services;
  4. We may share your Personal Information with companies that provide money laundering checks, credit risk reduction, and other fraud and crime prevention services, as well as other companies that provide similar services, such as financial institutions, credit reference agencies, and regulatory bodies;
  5. We may share your Personal Information with any third party to whom we assign or replace any of our rights or obligations
  6. We may share your Personal Information with courts, law enforcement authorities, regulators, attorneys, or other third parties when it is reasonably necessary for Lexicon Legal to exercise or claim defend a legal or equitable, or for the purposes of a confidential alternative dispute resolution process;
  7. We may also instruct service providers inside or outside Lexicon Legal, both locally and internationally, such as shared service centres, to process personal data on our behalf and only in compliance with our instructions for Permitted Purposes. When hiring such service providers, Lexicon Legal will retain ownership of and be entirely responsible for your Personal Information, and will utilise adequate procedures as required by relevant legislation to protect the privacy and security of your personal information
  8. We may also utilise aggregated personal data and statistics to track Website usage and improve our Website and services.


  • Otherwise, we will only reveal your Personal Information if you instruct us or give us permission, if we are obligated to do so by relevant law or regulations, or if we are investigating real or suspected fraudulent or criminal activity
  • If you provide Personal Information to us about someone else (such as one of your directors or employees, or someone with whom you do business), you must ensure that you have the authority to disclose that Personal Information to us and that we may collect, use, and disclose that Personal Information as described in this Policy without taking any additional steps. You must, in particular, ensure that the individual concerned is aware of the various matters detailed in this Policy as they pertain to that individual, such as our identity, how to contact us, our purposes of collection, our personal data disclosure practises (including disclosure to overseas recipients), the individual’s right to access and make complaints about the Personal Information’s handling, and the consequences (such as our inability to provide services).
  • In accordance with our internal procedures regarding the storage, disclosure, and access to Personal Information, we will take suitable technical and organisational steps to keep your Personal Information secret and secure. Personal information may be stored on our computer systems, those of our contractors, or in paper files.
  • Lexicon Legal safeguards and protects your Personal Information and Sensitive Personal Information using reasonable security measures, at a minimum those mandated under the IT Act and read with the Information Technology (Reasonable Security Practices and Procedures and Sensitive Personal Data or Information) Rules 2011. Lexicon Legal takes the steps outlined above to secure Personal Information and Sensitive Personal Information from unauthorised access and unlawful interception. Furthermore, we have taken steps to ensure that your Personal Information and sensitive Personal Information is only available to our employees or those of our partners who have a legitimate need to know. You acknowledge the inherent security risks of transmitting information via the internet, cellular networks, and data networks, and you agree not to hold Lexicon Legal liable for any breach of security or exposure of Personal Information unless Lexicon Legal was materially and intentionally negligent.
  • Your Personal Information will be maintained largely electronically. Certain data, on the other hand, can be stored in a physical format. Lexicon Legal may store, acquire, handle, and utilise your Personal Information in countries other than the Republic of India, as long as applicable laws are followed. Lexicon Legal may enter into a contract with a third party (in or outside of India) to keep, collect, and handle your Personal Information and sensitive Personal Information in accordance with relevant laws.


  • Lexicon Legal will not be held liable for any loss, damage, or misuse of your Personal Information if the loss, damage, or misuse is caused by a Force Majeure Event, regardless of what is stated in this Policy or elsewhere.
  • A “Force Majeure Event” is defined as any event beyond Lexicon Legal reasonable control, including, but not limited to, sabotage, fire, flood, explosion, acts of God, civil commotion, strikes or other forms of industrial action, riots, insurgency, war, acts of government, computer hacking, unauthorised access to computer data and storage devices, computer crashes, breach of security, and encryption.



  • This Policy is subject to change based on business, legal, and regulatory needs, and you will be able to see it online. Changes to this Policy might not be communicated to you in a timely manner. Thus, you should revisit this Website on a regular basis to examine the Policy and any updates. If you stop using the Website, the Policy will still apply to your previous uses of the Website.



  • We work hard to ensure that our records are up to date and accurate with your most recent information. You are responsible for ensuring that the information or data you give to us is and remains accurate, current, and up to date, and that you have all necessary rights, permissions, and consent to provide such information or data to us.
  • We shall give you the right to review, access, and alter the Personal Information or sensitive Personal Information that we keep about you, based on technical feasibility and applicable legislation. Before granting you access to this Personal Information, we may conduct verification. We are not, however, responsible for the accuracy of the sensitive Personal Information you supply.
  • Further, you have the right to withdraw the consent provided to us in relation to your Personal Information at any time in writing by sending an e-mail to us at [email protected], in accordance with the terms of this Policy. Please note, however, that the withdrawal of consent will not be retroactive and will only be effective going forward. If you do not provide your information or consent for the use of Personal Information, or if you later withdraw your consent for the use of Personal Information collected, Lexicon Legal reserves the right to stop providing the services for which the Personal Information was collected.
  • If you wish to delete the Personal Information provided to Lexicon Legal, you can always do so by sending a request to us at [email protected].
  • You should be aware that changing or deleting some information or data may result in the termination of your registration with the Website or your access to certain features. You also accept and acknowledge that under any applicable law or in lieu of law enforcement requests or judicial processes, certain data or information cannot be changed or deleted, and/or is prohibited from being destroyed




  • However, we cannot be held responsible for any breach of security or for any actions of any third parties or events that lie beyond our reasonable control. These events include, but are not limited to acts of the government, computer hacking and breach of security and encryption



We are committed to protect your Personal Information collected and processed by us and look forward to your continued support for the same. In case of any feedback or concern regarding protection of your Personal Information, or any privacy related feedback or concerns you may contact us at [email protected] or send a letter to Lexicon Legal, Surat Chamber of Commerce, 302, Star Arcade Opt South Gujarat, Nanpura, Surat, Gujarat 395002.